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AGATHA is a web story series on sponsored by Avila Naturalle under the Community Leaders Programme (CLP).
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AGATHA is a web story series on sponsored by Avila Naturalle under the Community Leaders Programme (CLP).

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The company encourages the use of natural body care products through their extensive range of inexpensive essential oils, shower gels, body wash, body butters, and so on.

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Below is a summary of the Agatha episodes uploaded so far;

The protagonist of the series, Agatha, is a career woman that wishes to balance her career life with her family life. She is the Director of Banking Operations in a top notch bank. She is also blessed with a caring husband, Eddy, and a lovely daughter, Sharon. Her family lives in a five-room mansion and goes to Europe, for vacation, once or twice in a year.
In a bid to balance her family life with her career, Agatha decides to employ a housemaid that will clean the house, cook the family meals, and take care of Sharon. Her husband agrees to this because he runs a modelling agency from home and needs ample time to attend to his clients instead of taking care of their child. 

Agatha employs a physically endowed housemaid, Ebong, who is about 27years and a natural temptress; Eddy was physically attracted to her on her arrival to the house. Everything was rosy in Agatha’s household for about one year until one faithful day.
One faithful day, Agatha comes home from work in the afternoon and feels quite unusual about the ambience of her house. She found an empty bottle of Baron and two wine glasses with a rumpled sofa in the living room. The house was also deafeningly silent even though her husband and Ebong should be in the house; this scenario sharpens Agatha’s imagination of what she feels is happening especially on her matrimonial bed. 

Rushing upstairs to her room like a wounded and angry bull, she discovered Ebong alone in the room picking up dirty clothes for laundry; ignoring her maid’s greetings, Agatha starts ransacking the room for her husband but sees nothing until she looks out the window where her husband is sitting with the their daughter and her dog, Sweden.
She also discovers a ladder resting underneath the window and wonders if the ladder was her husband’s escape route. She wonders why the bed is rumpled and why the pillow isn’t arranged the way she left them this morning. She also wonders who used the wine glasses.


After the afternoon’s event, Agatha had a restless and disturbed night. She felt like the living room scene and her matrimonial room being rumpled means her husband is cheating, but with who? She wonders if it was one of her husband’s models or Ebong since her husband can’t readily bring a total stranger into her matrimonial room.

The next day, Saturday, Agatha caught Ebong running towards the visitor’s toilet with the visible intentions to vomit; she rushed after her and asked the obvious question, ‘did you miss your period?’ Ebong responded in negative and claimed that the claimed that the bitter leaf mixture she drank earlier in the day caused the discomfort. Although Agatha conceded that this could be true, she was not ready to take chances; she therefore, called the family doctor to come check Ebong and also her best friend of 15years, Clara to update her on the state of events. Clara is a staple adviser in issues concerning Agatha’s home although she never seems to share her own troubles.
She also indirectly confronted her husband by informing him that Ebong is pregnant and subtly telling him to ask her who owns the pregnancy before she does it with force. When the doctor tested Ebong, she informed Agatha that Ebong is indeed not pregnant, this left Agatha confused and dizzy, then she fainted.


Agatha was explained on admission at the hospital when she fainted, on waking up at the hospital the following day, Sunday, she discovered her husband went back home to sleep when she was admitted the previous day. She attempted to remove the drip from her hand and discharge herself under the guise that she needed to prepare for work the next day, although in truth, she felt uneasy with the fact that her husband was alone at home, overnight, with their maid. She was eventually discharged later that day and she bitterly confronted her husband when he came to pick her from the hospital.
Eddy took offense at being accused of sleeping with the maid and he started ranting and raving, this made Agatha doubtful of her instincts and also remorseful. She eventually apologised to her husband but later regretted her actions when she remembered that her friend, Clara, had once told her that men will always try to cover up their actions by being defensive and playing the victim; this words gave Agatha the conviction that her husband is clearly sleeping with their housemaid.
Agatha was relaxing in her garden with her husband at a little distance and Ebong trimming the flower beds, when, away from Agatha’s view, Ebong signalled Eddy to call her and he nodded that he will. 


On her way to work, Agatha decided to send Ebong back to the village and file for divorce immediately with the faith that her best friend, Clara, who is a divorce lawyer will be there for her all through the time. 
She also mused that she will seek for a two week break and board a flight to Copenhagen where she would replenish body and soul and be able to hide away from the hurly burly of Lagos life and a marital burst. She would also try and see if she can talk to the Board to let her take over the UK branch of the bank. She would also need to prepare for her mother’s war!  

Agatha’s mother got her Ebong. Ebong was actually the daughter to her and bringing her to the city was more of an obligation than the actual need for her. Before she left for work, she had positioned video cameras around the house to catch Eddy and Ebong in the act.
Expectedly, Eddy and Ebong came on the Sony XHB camera she situated in the living room. Ebong emerged into the living room where Eddy was attending to some files and sunk into a sofa close to him. Eddy looked at her in silence. Ebong smiled mischievously and made for the glass of juice the man had poured to drink. Even without telling, it was clear something was going on Agatha needed to know. 

Eddy began to complain about her unreasonable, consistent demands in recent times. In two months, she had milked him of over #400k and she just won’t stop.
There she came on another camera. She went into her bathroom and turned on the water and soon reappeared into her room to take off her clothes. Standing in front of the mirror was a dazzling damsel. She smiled into the mirror, giving a gesture that suggested she was proud of her endowments. Satisfied, she again dashed to the bathroom, juggling her backside invitingly. All that the Sony XHB Camera picked in wait for Agatha’s return. 


Agatha watched the videos and she cried heavily. It was right her husband was sleeping with her housemaid. Why did he give her money? What was the four hundred thousand naira about? What effrontery! Her housemaid running her hands over her husband’s chin! Now crystal clear, all evidence now points to the obvious: her husband was sleeping with her housemaid.
She called Clara who comforted her and told her the video is not enough to proof her case.
Although she tried to talk Agatha out of filing for a divorce, Agatha’s mind has clearly being made up. She also tried to cheer up her friend;

“Babe, I think you need a thorough body make-over if you ask me. You are a beauty queen lost in the dark.”
“How do you mean? Clara-fy your point, barrister” She gave back jokingly and flaunting a weak smile she managed to drag it up to her lips. Agatha was truly a very beautiful woman, but her career was drying her up. 
 “Babes, you too dey dull me o, and you dey fold my hand sef! Didn’t you see what your housemaid was flaunting in that video? Agatha recalled the bathroom scene.

‘Your maid is electrifying, sexy and she has her curves well-crafted out by nature. Babes, your housemaid na wa ooo. You gotta step up your game o. Where the hell did you pick her from? And I can bet my cap on it, she will know how to ride a horse.”
‘That’s silly to say.” Agatha said and laughed it off. But she got her point: she needed to get out of her shell and represent the ‘chic’ she really should have been.
“But seriously Aga, you need to send her packing.”
‘Yes, that’s been settled. She has to leave.”
‘But not until I say so.” Cut in Clara. ‘Yes, my lord.” Agatha responded jokingly.


Seeing Agatha has made up her mind to file for divorce, Clara took it upon herself to talk things over with Eddy. If she bought him into playing remorse, she believed the Agatha she knew would soft pedal.
A crowd of beautiful damsels, presumably models, were scattered all over Agatha’s compound when Clara visited Eddy. She weighed them irritably one after the other as she walked pass them into his office. Five others were in there, chatting freely while he discussed with a man glued to a camera. The way she coldly ran her eyes over the five had the potential to undress them. Perhaps, thinking she was his wife, they reverently disappeared into thin air.
Clara and Eddy had known each other all along before he and Agatha met and got married. It was through Clara the couple met. 

Whatsoever they talked about was done behind closed doors. Thereafter, they shared jokes about old times, shared snacks, then Clara got through to Agatha on phone to let her know she was at her place, was done, and was just about to leave. And she almost forgot; she was to pick up her friend’s cake mixer in the kitchen!
Ebong greeted Clara when she entered the kitchen looking for the cake mixer and the latter slapped her best friend’s maid hard in lieu of a response to her greetings.
 “You will regret this.” She screamed at her, grabbed the mixer and disappeared.
Ebong stood still in pain, waiting on nature to clear off the twinkling stars that just intruded her vision.


Agatha decided to go on a holiday and was already in Vancouver when Eddie was served a divorce notice. 
The weight of the divorce notice on Eddie was not even near the lightweight of a bird’s feather. He ran his eyes through the stuff and when he was done, he smiled thoughtfully and gulped down the remains of his liquor. He was even so at ease to dip his hand in his pocket, pulled out a thousand naira note and squeezed it into the hand of the mail boy for his trouble. 
Something was wrong quite alright. He knew he went too far. His wife was going to divorce him for infidelity, but how much does she know about his adventures? 

She was right about his infidelity and she was wrong! That aside, what was she thinking leaving her home wide open for a vulture and bringing home a ‘Beyonce’ for a housemaid? Where was her sense of reasoning when she opted for this very hot and irresistible Eve and decided to trust another woman with her man? She was right about him and wrong at the same time. And she ignited the fire that was razing her home all by herself.
Agatha, far away from the hurly-burly of Lagos life and already settled to enjoy the summer bliss Vancouver had to offer, cared less about what Eddie should be up to now. In fact, she didn’t have to worry about leaving Ebong with him in the house for the week. Clara suggested she send her to the village till she returned, but she faulted the suggestion and changed the topic. For her, the whole thing suddenly became a thing to watch until the bubble burst; most likely, Eddie would impregnate Ebong. 

Ebong and Agatha’s husband were alone in the house in Nigeria while Agatha replenish her body and soul in Vancouver!  In Lagos, Nigeria, it was raining profusely. It was around eleven at night and the cold was very severe. It was such a moment a man, or a woman would loosen up to desire the warmth of the opposite gender terribly. 
Eddie’s eyes lit up as he heard footsteps coming from the corridor leading to the room, he shared with his wife, Agatha. He sat up in bed and looked towards the door like he was expecting someone. A door knock should be heard if so, and he was on the alert to jump at it. And so it was. There came a light knock on the door. So faint was the knock that it could be the person at the door was being careful not to wake other occupants of the house. 
Eddie jumped up and tiptoed towards the door. He was angry, and at the same time happy and relieved; angry because the door should have been knocked about two hours before now and he had grown weary of impatience, and he was happy and relieved because the knock actually came through. The only thing left with him to manage was Sharon, his daughter, who was fast asleep, but prone to being startled by footsteps or the thunder strikes that came with the heavy rain. It was worse still that her room was just opposite.   

Before now, Ebong had served him and Sharon dinner. While eating, Eddie would dash into the kitchen – where Ebong was – and re-emerge again. He did this six times in between. After dinner, he tried so hard to make Sharon go to bed early. Sharon, a twelve-year-old who expectedly at her preteen age liked to stay up glued to the Cartoon network on DSTV didn’t understand why she should go to bed at around eight-thirty on a Friday. In response, she built up some muscles to resist her dad.

It was a smart move for Eddie to send her to bed. The night had been well sketched out. Agatha was away in Vancouver and the coast was clear. The only obstruction would have been Sharon. And he took care of that too. 
He flung his room door open and there standing at the door was Ebong. The rain fell all through the night.