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Web Story Series (Week 7): Is Agatha's husband sleeping with the housemaid?

AVILA Naturalle, an Alimosho based skincare and foods company recently came onboard as a sponsor of the Agatha Series under the Alimosho Community Leaders Program (CLP).

Welcome to the Week 7 episode of our web series, Agatha, on All thanks to Avila Naturalle, Agatha will run for the next 52 weeks and you will be joining other readers to solve this riddle: IS AGATHA’S HUSBAND SLEEPING WITH THE HOUSEMAID?

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AGATHA decided to go on a holiday and was already in Vancouver when Eddie was served a divorce notice. Perhaps, she didn’t want to witness his reaction! She calculatedly sought a one-week break, took a night flight and had to drive from her office to the airport to avoid her daily route home. If Eddie got the notice when she was around, she sensed he would be outraged or sober; sober enough to want to confess and then make a go at seeking her forgiveness. But could she forgive him? Hard to say. It was better she was not in town. 

On the contrary, the weight of the divorce notice on Eddie was not even near the lightweight of a bird’s feather. He ran his eyes through the stuff and when he was done, he smiled thoughtfully and gulped down the remains of his liquor. He was even so at ease to dip his hand in his pocket, pulled out a thousand naira note and squeezed it into the hand of the mail boy for his trouble. 

Something was wrong quite alright. He knew he went too far. Infidelity is a convenient game for men no doubt, but if you had to cheat, it would have been more honourable if you went a distance. A woman may be able to bear her man’s ‘outside’ adventures, but bringing them up too close to her is calling for war. 

His wife was going to divorce him for infidelity, but how much does she know about his adventures? She had accused him of sleeping with the family’s housemaid. It was true he just had a nice time on the day she came home early from work to meet the living room scattered, with used wine glasses and empty bottles of Baron littering around. Still, how much did she know about what had been going on behind her back? 

She was right about his infidelity and she was wrong! That aside, what was she thinking leaving her home wide open for a vulture and to bring home a ‘Beyonce’ for a housemaid? Where was her sense of reasoning when she opted for this very hot and irresistible Eve and decided to trust another woman with her man? She was right about him and wrong at the same time. And she ignited the fire that was razing her home all by herself.

Agatha, far away from the hurly-burly of Lagos life and already settled to enjoy the summer bliss Vancouver had to offer, cared less about what Eddie should be up to now. In fact, she didn’t have to worry about leaving Ebong with him in the house for the week. The two couldn’t have had more chances to sleep with each other than the chance they already had. Clara suggested she send her to the village till she returned, but she faulted the suggestion and changed the topic. For her, the whole thing suddenly became a thing to watch until the bubble burst; most likely, Eddie would impregnate Ebong. 

Vancouver had it! A bar boy walked by to hand Agatha the glass of champagne she requested for. Vancouver, the capital of the peaceful province of British Columbia and most likely Canada’s most fascinating and adventurous city knew brokenhearted Agatha was coming. Little birds with sonorous voices sang their melodic songs into her hearing while the breeze blew lightly in her favour. The sun in the sky was bright, but for Agatha’s sake, the heat was unfelt. For now, Vancouver was going to shield her from her worries. And even after her troubles had faded away, beautiful Vancouver will remain in her heart for a long time.  

Watch hilarious video of the Bankoles (Agatha’s next house neighbours) as they thrash out the riddle ‘Is Agatha’s husband sleeping with the housemaid?’