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Web Story Series (Week 8): Is Agatha's husband sleeping with the housemaid?

AVILA Naturalle, an Alimosho based skincare and foods company partnered with as a sponsor of the Agatha Series under the Alimosho Community Leaders Program (CLP).
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Welcome to the Week 8 episode of our web series, Agatha, on All thanks to Avila Naturalle, Agatha will run for the next 52 weeks and you will be joining other readers to solve this riddle: IS AGATHA’S HUSBAND SLEEPING WITH THE HOUSEMAID?

If you didn’t read the Week 7, Week 6, Week 5, Week 4 and Week 3 episodes, read them here. You can also read week 2 and week 1 here.


EBONG and Agatha’s husband were alone in the house in Nigeria while Agatha replenish her body and soul in Vancouver!  In Lagos, Nigeria, it was raining profusely. It was around eleven at night and the cold was very severe. It was such a moment a man, or a woman would loosen up to desire the warmth of the opposite gender terribly. 
Eddie’s eyes lit up as he heard footsteps coming from the corridor leading to the room, he shared with his wife, Agatha. He sat up in bed and looked towards the door like he was expecting someone. A door knock should be heard if so, and he was on the alert to jump at it. And so it was. There came a light knock on the door. So faint was the knock that it could be the person at the door was being careful not to wake other occupants of the house. 

Eddie jumped up and tiptoed towards the door. He was angry, and at the same time happy and relieved; angry because the door should have been knocked about two hours before now and he had grown weary of impatience, and he was happy and relieved because the knock actually came through. The only thing left with him to manage was Sharon, his daughter, who was fast asleep, but prone to being startled by footsteps or the thunder strikes that came with the heavy rain. It was worse still that her room was just opposite.   

Before now, Ebong had served him and Sharon dinner. While eating, Eddie would dash into the kitchen – where Ebong was – and re-emerge again. He did this six times in between. After dinner, he tried so hard to make Sharon go to bed early. Sharon, a twelve-year-old who expectedly at her preteen age liked to stay up glued to the Cartoon network on DSTV didn’t understand why she should go to bed at around eight-thirty on a Friday. In response, she built up some muscles to resist her dad.

“Dad, I can’t afford to miss Henry Danger and Sponge Bob tonight. More so, it’s Friday and tomorrow is Saturday. I could sleep late and wake up late. No school tomorrow.” She put in, hoping daddy gets it. But it seemed he didn’t. “No, honey, healthy kids sleep early and I am sure your PHE teacher hammers that at school. As your dad, it’s my duty to follow that up. Go to bed! Your auntie (Ebong) will walk you up the stairs.”
Then Sharon’s phone rang. It was mummy calling from Vancouver. 

“Hello, mummy… I’m fine, and you? He’s here… she’s in the kitchen…. nobody… Sharon went on and on for about twenty minutes, then she hung up contented and went to bed, leaving her dad with the housemaid in the living room.

The couple is trying as much as they could not bring their daughter into the scheme of things. All that had been happening was not open to her.

It was a smart move for Eddie to send her to bed. The night had been well sketched out. Agatha was away in Vancouver and the coast was clear. The only obstruction would have been Sharon. And he took care of that too. 
Knock. Knock. Knock.

He flung the door open and there standing at the door was Ebong. The rain fell all through the night.