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NIGERIA@61 NOTES: Agbado-Oke-odo legislative leader prays for Nigeria

Says we must SUE FOR PEACE and believe that Nigeria can be a great nation.

TERRY Pratchett says "one person is nothing. Two people are a nation."

As we celebrate our dear country at 61, we must not forget as patriotic Nigerians, the importance of UNITY. We must put our differences as people and unite to tackle our challenges as a nation to be victorious and successful.

We must not forget that we need one another to strive and achieve greatness. We must not forget to embrace ONENESS irrespective of our beliefs and doctrines, because as a team, we can become an unbeatable force to overcome our security and economic problems.

We must SUE FOR PEACE and believe that Nigeria can be a great nation.

Today, I charge all of us to continue to pray for the existence of Nigeria. May peace reign in our communities. May all the evil plans against the existence of Nigeria and its people failed. 

May the good Lord cleanse and sanitize Nigeria. May the name of our dear nation appear in the league of the most successful Nations of the world. Amen!

Happy Independence Nigeria!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
God bless Nigeria.
God bless all of us.

Hon. Olatunji Ogunyemi
The Leader of the Legislative House of Agbado Oke-Odo LCDA.