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Premier league striker mocks Arsenal

Premier league striker Ivan Toney of newly promoted club Brentford believes that Arsenal wont win anything anytime soon.


PREMIER League  striker, Ivan Toney of newly promoted club, Brentford, believes that Arsenal won't win anything, anytime soon.

Arsenal has had poor outings, winning just one of their last four Premier League games which includes a 2-0 lose to Brentford.

“Arsenal fans are going to batter me for this, but you see Arsenal at the moment and they’re not the best" The striker told YouTube channel, Baller Talk.

“There was a difference, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t crazy like: if you make a mistake, it’s going to end up in the back of the goal.

“I didn’t really see that. They were good at keeping the ball, but it didn’t really affect us"

“They weren’t as crazy as I thought [they would be]. I don’t know if it was [whether] they weren’t so good or we were just excited as it was our first game and it was Arsenal and Premier League [and] all these things coming into the picture.

“I just didn’t see them how they used to be. You used to look at Arsenal and think [they were] crazy and they were going to win this game, win this game.

“These days, I don’t see them winning nothing any time soon.”

On the Arsenal coach:

“He is walking the plank I think.

“I like him. I like the way he comes across, I like his humility, I like his work ethic, but ultimately it doesn’t take you far.

“You have to produce a winning side with what you have got and he has got some good players, it’s not like he has got a squad full of duds – he has got some really talented boys in there.

“I know they have had a few injuries and I have been trying to find patience in terms of why it has not been going well.

“They should be in a better position than they are. The next few weeks are key, the next few games.

“But I am just not seeing enough in the team. In the way they play for him to sustain a challenge to the big boys.”