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BE IT TRUE OR FALSE: Be warned! Impostors from Home Affairs in the neighborhood

SOMEONE by the name Chris forwarded this information to us at

SOMEONE by the name Chris forwarded this information to us at Though we  are always very sceptical about information we receive from anyone who chooses to hide his or her identity, still, be it true or false, Chris' forwarded message is something we just must pass around. The message reads:

Security Alert from Police:
Be warned, there is a group going to homes and pretending to be officials from Home Affairs. They have documents with the letterhead Department of Home Affairs and claim to be confirming that everyone has a valid ID for the upcoming elections.

They are robbing homes. Take note that there is no initiative like that from the government. Send this on your neighborhood group chat. They are everywhere and they look presentable.

Be it true or false, we implore the good people of Alimosho to be mindful of calculated deceits like this. Be mindful of strangers and be careful about being welcoming, even with the warmest smile on display from anyone you never met. And educate your children on the need to keep a distance from anyone you never introduced to them. 

Thanks, Chris. That is if you truly exist.