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What Alimosho should know about Ibraheem Aroworatira (Kaokab)

Alimosho 2023 awaits. Before then, meet Ibraheem Aroworatira, the MAN who the cap fits (aspiring Representative, Alimosho Federal Constituencies, 2023).

It is well said in every sense that "The thinking of a man is not the thinking of God"...For immediately K.K Aroworatira's colorful postals appeared on the political horizon in Ali-MOSHO LGA, the inhabitants has been asking: "Could this be the much-awaited  "MOSES", so to speak, to "LEAD" them out of the Woods; from the clutches of Domination, Poverty, and Underdevelopment?

But, to few others, the question foxes their mind: 'Can this mien looking young-man make the difference' or 'will he sustain the status quo?

Indeed, his simple and humble nature did not reflect it, but AROWORATIRA, like his late father, the former Chief Imam of Idimu province, is a  grassroots personage with a soft-spot for the Commoners. He is Articulate, Pragmatic, and vision-oriented middle-aged man who can usher in the much-awaited Progressive Wind of Change via "Socio-economic" revival and invigorating "Political repositioning", which the good people of Ali-MOSHO have been thirsty for.

It is true that before now, he has got himself prepared with the realities on ground; having exhaustively toured virtually all major Communities that made up the Ali-MOSHO Local Government Area alongside his Campaign Team: "The Solidarity Group". This was immediately followed by series of meetings with some Party Leadership and Youths,  and Opinion Leaders of virtually all the Communities within the Council. *In the end, the amiable K.K agreed with his team that only "Elegant plans" and "Radical steps" could tackle the problem and salvage the people.* "..We discovered that why some problems persisted is because past leaders, in spite of their acknowledged concerted efforts, did not tackle the "root causes", K.K said. He added: "You know, every problem has it's root, just has every standard building has a sub-structure. And unless we get to the root of the problem, there is no way we can uproot it."

Accordingly, K.K realizes that once ELECTED TO SERVE, the only feasible "Solution" is to plan for the "Long run" in repositioning Ali-MOSHO which, though the biggest LGA, has been hitherto relegated to the background in the scheme of things in Lagos State. Sure, he saw the "FUTURE" with impressive clarity hence, his first attention would be to "Avoid Beaten Tracks" - and act with "Speed"* when the moment arrives to "Transform" the jangling condition of Infrastructure and Development within the Communities.

What sets K.K apart is "Mental Picture": He 'Thinks' differently - and 'Dislikes' ceremonial trappings of grandeur. And while it is true that he has a mien look, the truth is he radiates a Tough Interior! What is more, he speaks less, but plans more. Imbued with a flair for penetrative observation, the sense of "Duty" is ever present in him. Yes, he has many friends, yet is truest friend is his "Principle" and superlative "Integrity". But there is something more: K.K is a firm believer in "Communal Liberalism".

1) If elected as Member, Federal House of Representatives, *Aroworatira's STYLE would not be to create a new kind of leadership as most representatives do, but to simply demystify "Authority" and play down his status - as "Servant Leadership" - and work to establish a "Reputation"  for one outstanding quality: Proficiency. He once said of it: "If elected to serve, we would be there to serve and not to be served."

2) While his VISION will include bequeathing a "Legacy" of Prosperity, Happiness and Contentment to succeeding generations, his MISSION is, but not limited to, "Galvanizing" the entire Membership of APC in Ali-MOSHO in a manner which would ensure a sense of belonging, where the administration of the party would appropriately represent "Plurarity" of Social Status, Professions and Gender.

3) If elected, Aroworatira will put in place an effective "Project Management" and Programme Management Discipline" that boost Timing, Achievement of desired outcomes and ensuring that Developmental Projects do deliver as planned.

His action steps would be summed thus:
- Making Timely Decisions
- Encouraging Creative Ideas
- Giving Regular, Explicit and Comprehensive Feedbacks on Performance and
- Providing Personal Support.

4) From the incipience of his represent,             - Aroworatira would operate an "Open-Door Policy"...He would be at home with the influential and Commoners alike, especially ènikeni who suffers deprivation or injustice. 

All said, TIME is an ephemeral phenomenon and, perchance, history would be kind to Aroworatira to be the next Federal House Representive of his people. However, *if Ali-MOSHO must become great again, the people must develop a kind of "Dangerous Unselfishness"  - and start canvassing for their son: KK AROWORATIRA.

Aroworatira Solidarity Group (ASG)