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ALIMOSHO WEEKEND FAAJI: Movies worth watching this weekend!

We’ve carefully selected some top Nollywood movies to entertain you this weekend.
ALIMOSHO WEEKEND FAAJI: Movies worth watching this weekend!

AFTER the stressful 09:00 am – 05:00 pm hustle throughout the weekday period, it would not be out of place for you to take a time out this weekend, relax, and enjoy some cool movies.

The movies featured below are carefully selected movies made for the worldwide audience, with highly-trained professional crew members and a movie cast made up of some A-list actors.


1. IWÁJÚ8730
“Iwájú” is an original animated series set in a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria. The exciting coming-of-age story follows Tola, a young girl from a wealthy island, and her best friend, Kole, a self-taught tech expert, as they discover the secrets and dangers hidden in their different worlds.

Convinced of her son's innocence after he's charged with murder, a woman fights for his freedom against a corrupt and unjust system.

3.  THE PLAN8732
A young widow asks her two best friends to help hide her late husband's stolen cache of gold from authorities — but can they be trusted to protect it?

4. DÉJÀ VU8733
Though happily in love, a young couple's bond is put to the test when rumours and suspicions threaten to tear them apart.