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ALIMOSHO THRIVING BUSINESSES: 'Shop by Wunmi' is the new in-thing in Alimosho. Thanks to the 'babe' behind it.

Quality clothing and bags are assured always at SBW.

SHOP BY WUNMI is a thriving fashion destination in Alimosho. Also known by the initials SBW, Shop by Wunmi is managed by the amiable Ms. Oluwagbemiga Wunmi who believes that Alimosho has to be clothed like royalty.

SBW offers male fabrics, female dresses, designer bags, fashion collections for children, and much more. 

During this interview, Wunmi was quick to agree that Alimosho is a sure route to getting to a wider market. She hinted that the clients are reasonable and the environment is conducive for sales. But she was also as quick to mention that security ought to be improved for business' sake around Ponle, Egbeda. 
Shop by Wunmi is focused on providing quality products only. The CEO of SBW believes that if the clientele is exposed to high-quality goods over time, they will trust the brand. Establishing a business like Shop by Wunmi takes a lot of resources to set up but the most important thing is that the store is enthusiastic about fashion and fabric. 
For the records, Wunmi is a fashionista herself and knows her onions when it comes to picking the right fabric. 
Walk into Shop by Wunmi on 33 Idimu Road, Ponle, Egbeda to look at an endless catalogue of quality clothing and bags. 
Watch Wunmi as she intimates us with SBW's relationship with Alimosho: