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Because there are several options available, there are always opinions about the best betting types.
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Because there are several options available, there are always opinions about the best betting types. Those who Bet on Football know the various types of bets available and often wonder which is the best.

However, professional bettors argue that such questions are rather unnecessary. According to them, what is most important is knowing the importance of each bet. A bettor must understand each bet and know when a particular bet would favour him or her. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular types of bets

1 X 2 BETS

These bets allow you to predict three outcomes. With 1 X 2 bets, you have the option of taking on three outcomes. The first is that the home wins, the second is that both teams draw and the third is that the away team wins. As a bettor, you can stake on any of the three outcomes.

When it comes to predicting who wins, loses, or draws, 1 x 2 bets usually offer the best odds because there are two other options to choose from. This means that there is a high chance of you being wrong.


Draw no bets are very similar to 1 x 2 bets. The main difference is that the draw option is not made available. If a match ends in a draw, you get your stake back- if it is a single ticket. If the match is slotted in multiple tickets, it is simply erased.

In a draw, no bets, all you have to do is pick who wins and who loses. Since the possibility of loss is reduced (as there is no draw option as seen in 1 x 2 bets), the odds are smaller than those seen on draw no bets. However, despite that, bettors use this to make their bets safer. Draw no bets are especially good for hedging.


Handicapped bets follow another style compared to the above two. With handicap bets, you give particular team goals ahead and still say that the other team will win. For example, if you give a team a handicap of two goals, it means that the match starts at 2:0 (A: B). For you to win that bet, team B must offset the points ahead which you have given to team A and still win the game. This means that in such a game, even if team B scores one goal and team A scores none, the score according to your handicap is 2:1. This means that you have lost.


Unders and overs simply means predicting the minimum or maximum scores expected in a match. This includes the combination of goals from both teams. For example, if you believe that a match will not exceed 3 goals, you can bet under 3.5. This means it will not reach 4.

If you believe that there will be at least 2 goals, you can bet over 1.5.