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From the farm to the bottle with pride, 'FARM PRIDE' is proud to be in Alimosho!

...the Farm Pride brand is a brand with a reputation of quality that precedes it.

SOME companies are greatly admired and emulated for the quality of products they manufacture. Our brand, Farm Pride, is one of such brands which their reputation of quality precedes them and we are proud to offer Farm Pride to Alimosho.

The Farm Pride brand comprises juice and dairy products that are both tasty and nourishing. Farm Pride is a Nigerian food drink brand that produces fresh fruit juices and yoghurts produced by Niyya Food and Drinks Company Limited, an agro-industrial enterprise that owns a processing facility, dairy farm, orchards and agricultural lands.

Farm Pride yoghurt brands are healthy and satisfying in a way that will not leave your belly growing out of proportion. Our consumers say they love how there's a variety of yoghurt flavours they can taste with the same great yoghurt taste intact; Strawberry, Vanilla, or Plain, whichever Farm Pride yoghurt picked is packed with protein, calcium, healthy fats, vitamin D and probiotics. 

Niyya Food and Drinks Company Limited' Farm Pride prides itself in producing its beverages from natural fruits, unlike most food and beverage companies who use concentrates. The name "Farm Pride" will always assure you of the fact that Niyya Farms uses natural fruits cultivated on a 3,000 hectare piece of land in Kaduna for its juices. 100% fresh mangos, oranges, bananas, strawberries, and guava: No artificial colours. No artificial sweeteners. No artificial flavours. Just fruits helped with sunshine, rain, and fertiliser from mother nature.

We at 'Niyya' know that Alimosho people are for healthy foods and beverages. Farm Pride fruit juices and yoghurts are loved not just for their taste but also for keeping the health of its consumers in mind; Alimosho citizens inclusive.

To know more about Farm Pride, visit our site.