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Male pubic hair comes in many varieties - from all-out fuzz to nothing at all, and everything in between.


The purpose of pubic hair may seem obsolete, however, it is believed men have pubic hair for the following reasons:

  • Guards against bacteria and other pathogens
  • Keeps the genitals warm
  • Reduces friction during sex
  • Signals sexual maturity

Like most of the male body hair though, as we have evolved, many of these reasons for having pubic hair may no longer be as important as they once were. We now wear clothes to stay warm, signal sexual maturity in other ways and are able to guard against bacteria through generally better personal hygiene and sanitation. As the function of male pubic hair is now less important than it was when we were cavemen, many men are learning how to shave their pubic hair to tidy up downstairs.


If you're confident sweeping the blade across your face like many men, shaving pubic hair and your genital area isn't much more difficult. Here are a few tips before you start manscaping.

  • Heat up the bathroom so you do not have cold goosebumps, these create tiny mounds on the skin, making it easy to cut yourself.
  • Give your pubic area a good wash beforehand to stop any germs entering the skin as you shave, warm water also softens hairs for more comfortable grooming. 
  • We recommend a wet shave for perfect results as it's more thorough than shaving dry.
  • Bacteria can irritate the skin, so make sure it doesn't stand a chance by using a clean or brand-new blade.

If you still want to brave a dry shave, you'll find our tips at the bottom of this page. Additionally, if a wet shave is not for you - maybe you would like to retain some fuzz, as some men do - this guide will also teach you how to trim pubic hair, as this is an essential step toward a full wet shave.


After you suitably warm up the bathroom and are ready to begin shaving your pubic hair, the first step is to trim it down to a suitable length whereby you can sweep a razor over it. Much like how you would remove a big bushy beard from your face, you would not go straight for the razor as the longer hairs tend to get caught, and all the hacking away means you are more likely to nick yourself and irritate the underlying skin.

Trimming your pubic hair is a good way to control the growth of your pubes without going completely bare. You can trim your pubic hair with scissors, however, for more thorough and even results we suggest using trimmers.

How to trim pubic hair with trimmers: Simply pull the skin so it is nice and taut, then use the trimmer at a 45-degree angle, going with the grain, to cut down the hair to just a few millimetres. It's as easy as that! 

How to trim pubic hair with scissors: Comb your hairs so they are smooth and untangled, then as you comb, lay the comb flat against your skin and trim the hairs above it. The comb pressed flat against your skin will act as a shield which should prevent you from accidentally nicking the skin.




You may be happy with the results obtained from just trimming your pubic hair, to completely remove the fuzz though it is onto the next step in the intimate shaving journey: the wet shave.

Top tip: Trim your pubic hair when it is dry so the hairs don't clump together, making it harder to trim and detail. Also standing on a towel, in the shower or bath will make for easier cleanup.


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