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6 Romantic ways to surprise ‘Somebody’s Son’ this Valentine

Six super romantic ideas to make memorable gifts for your man.

WITH Valentine’s Day around the corner, many ladies are in the deepest thought of what the best ways to make their man happy would be. Do you know that going out of your way to make your man or that special someone happy this Valentine would be so thoughtful, and would make your bond stronger? If you are dating, married, or in a serious relationship and you need great ideas on how to surprise your man, then you definitely should check out the ideas below.

 Breakfast in bed or Brunch at work
Ladies, please note that men love to be pampered, treated like babies and they are sentimental; oftentimes, they mask their sweet and emotional side, but they actually want their acts to women reciprocated, for example, buying gifts, planned dates, and spending money. This valentine, surprise your man in his bed by making a yummy meal and serving it to him accompanied with a good morning kiss. ( Also make sure to wear lingerie or his oversized shirt…shhhh) I promise that you would see his face light up like yours does when you get such sweet treatments. If he is the career person that would be caught up with lots of activities on Valentine’s Monday, order a platter of food tray from a tested and trusted plug on Instagram, and have them deliver the food tray to his place of work, office, or school.

Book a Spa Session
So many popular beauty stores and spa shops are offering couples promos, and slashed prices for their services this Valentine. It is just the perfect time to book a deep tissue massage plus pedicure session for boo while you allow a professional masseuse to scrub his body. It will help relieve his stress, allow him to enjoy a relaxation session, and also make him see you more as a thoughtful woman with a good heart.

Take him shopping
Taking someone’s son on a shopping spree or giving him a shopping voucher of a reasonable amount, while you come along with him would definitely bang. It’s another perfect way to make your man feel loved and like a king whose worth you know.

Take him out of town
When we say take him out of town, it doesn’t mean you should fly him to Paris, Dubai, Seychelles, or London (although you could if you have the wherewithal), a road trip to Safari Valley in Ghana, or spending two days in a resort in Cotonou, Epe Island, or at Whispering Palms Badagry would be sweet. Such serene places will help you discover more about each other and bond.

Book a Sip and Art Class
If your partner loves drawing, is art inclined, or is just fascinated by colours, painting and art generally, taking him to a sip and paint class would not be a bad idea. It will linger in his heart for so long and add to the archived memories you both would cherish forever.

Write him a heartfelt note or poem
Writing notes or poems is as special now as it was in the past. Only ignorant people feel like writing to your loved one is old-fashioned. It is not! In fact, it is one of the sweetest and most cost-effective ways to melt your man’s heart, especially when you are on a budget. A simple note could make his day, remind him of how special he is and even get you to finally see his emotional side. You don’t have to feel bad about sending a note or refer to it as “just a note”, it is more than a note. Try it, after all, it's the thought that counts.

Extra Tip: This might sound funny, but I just have to let you know that men like money. I mean they LOVE it! To avoid writing epistles, or if you are babygirl that doesn’t like stressing over vendors who won’t cook or wrap gifts to your satisfaction, then surprise your man with money (naira, pounds, dollars, or even a shitcoin). He will sing your name forever, could even beg you to marry him the next day in Miami. LOL

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