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14 year old raped by seven cultist reports ordeal

A 14-year-old girl has narrated her experience on how she was gang raped by seven suspected cultist.
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A 14-year-old girl has narrated her experience on how she was gang raped by seven suspected cultist.

However, the girl has been reported to be on medical examination, as she narrated her ordeal to security operatives and members of the State Child’s Rights Implementation Committee and Sexual Offences Unit of the Ministry of Justice 

“On this fateful day, one of the rapists' father had returned home from work after it had rained briefly. He noticed that there was water in their house and none of his children was at home to help him clean up. He beckoned on me to help sweep the water out of the house, which I did.

“Then the next day, the man came back from work, called me and gave me N500 for helping him sweep the house the previous day. This was the money the wife saw him giving to me that made her accuse me of sleeping with her husband.

“My mother and I, including the woman’s husband, were surprised because we have always lived as a family and the man had always given money to us the children when we run errands for him. The next thing, she slapped me twice and snatched the money from my hand. Even when my mother was begging her, she didn’t listen, instead, she was threatening to further deal with me.

“Then a day after, I was returning home from my auntie’s shop where I went to pick my younger brother around 7pm when one of the suspects accosted me and started interrogating me about what transpired the previous day between me and his mother.

“While I was trying to explain, he told me to take my brother home and come back so we could resolve the issue sitting, instead of standing. So I obliged.

“On returning, he asked that we go to his friend’s house nearby to sort things out, and I followed him, trusting him as a big brother. On getting to the house there were two other boys in there, smoking. And I pleaded with him to quickly talk to me so I could leave because I was allergic to smoke. But he asked me to hold on a little.

“Then again, four other boys came into the room and the next thing they locked the door and put the music that was playing on the highest volume. He then asked me to pull my cloth. At this point, I started pleading with him to allow me go, but instead, he slapped me and hit my head on the wall and forced me to get naked. That was when all the boys in the room started taking turns in raping me while the music was very loud that nobody could hear me screaming for help.

“There was a friend of theirs who they didn’t allow in because he was telling them that what they were doing was wrong. It was this their friend that helped me home after they were done raping me and opened the door for me to go with a threat to kill me if I ever mentioned them”.

It was reported that the girl was rushed to the hospital after suffering from bleeding. 

Furthermore, a member of the State Child’s Rights Implementation Committee, Comrade Patrick Ochei who was detailed to follow up with the case, commended the Attorney General for responding to the situation through the Sexual Offences Unit of the Justice Ministry.