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Another Justrite opens in Ayobo-Ipaja soon

A new Justrite Store is on the verge of opening for business in Ayobo-Ipaja. The new outlet is located a few feet away from Ayobo Ipaja Roundabout at Church Bus Stop. 
Justrite Stores about to open in Ayobo Ipaja

Trucks of goods were sighted early hours of the morning at the about-to-open store as good items meant for the shelves were carried in. Men at work were also seen everywhere about the building putting finishing touches to it. The new Justrite Stores will be the second nestled in Alimosho within a month. Recall that a Justrite Stores was recently opened at Gate area of Baruwa, a stone throw to Zenith Bank.

With the fast pace of activities going on around the new stores, it is very likely it will open up for business in a few days from now. 

Efforts made by AlimoshoToday to talk to a representative of the store brand was however unproductive.