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FUEL PRICE HIKE: Now, fuel no be for poor man!

"So because we no get money, we no go buy fuel again?" - angry customer.
FUEL PRICE HIKE: Now fuel no be for poor man!

THERE was outrage yesterday at a filling station in Obadore, in the Igando-Ikotun LCDA of Alimosho LGA, between customers and fuel attendants over preferential treatment given to some buyers.

The fuel price hike has continued to affect customers, leading to an increase in transportation and food items as sellers insist they are paying more to keep their goods cold.

However, in the late hours of yesterday, Thursday, November 24, 2022, residents of Obadore gathered at a popular filling station in the community to purchase petroleum products in small kegs. Though the crowd was much, especially for those buying in little quantities, the attendants allowed big men in cars to take first place.

This action angered a buyer who says she has been on the line for over 30 minutes. She questioned the actions of the attendants, asking if the poor can no longer buy fuel. It was clear that it was no longer a first-come, first-serve, but first-bring-money, first-serve.

It was also observed that at this particular station, #50 was deducted for every single purchase made by a buyer. However at some other filling stations in Alimosho, up to #200 was collected from them, while the fuel was sold at #220 per litre.