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FLASHBACK: Sisi Alimosho wishes Igando-Ikotun APC apex leader, Jimoh Ajao, a happy birthday!

"Happy birthday to a quintessential and humanitarian leader!"- Sisi Alimosho

TOYIN Peppeyo, aka Sisi Alimosho, has wished the APC Igando-Ikotun apex leader, Hon. Jimoh Ajao, a happy birthday celebration during his birthday anniversary on Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

Sis Alimosho has described the leader as a philanthropist that has the best interests of his constituents at heart.

Meanwhile, Sisi Alimosho is saddened that she did not get an invite to the birthday party.

Watch Sisi Alimosho as she eulogises Hon. Jimoh Ajao at 65!

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