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Alimosho-based financial institution gets SEC nod

ADDYFINANCE and Investments Limited has revealed that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has officially approved its company as a Fund and Portfolio Management firm recently.

In the news release made available to AlimoshoToday, the company added: "As part of the routine onboarding process, we shall be restructuring our position on various asset classes to ensure diversity in our portfolios, in consideration of various volatility risks which we shall communicate as soon as we conclude the onboarding process."

Recall that AlimoshoToday had earlier reported AddyFinance and Investments Limited no longer bears AddyFx Limited in compliance with regulatory bodies.

The release further advises the general public to desist from having any dealings with the previous name saying, "please beware that any dealing(s) done with ADDYFX LIMITED shall be at the clients' peril and the Company (ADDYFINANCE & INVESTMENTS LIMITED) shall not be held liable over any loss(es) and/or damages as a result of any dealing(s) with any staff, entity or representative bearing ADDYFX LIMITED henceforth.

"We thank you for your continuous support, confidence, and encouragement during this transition period, as we are poised to serve you better.

"Thank you for choosing us as your preferred investment option."