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NIGERIA@61 NOTES: "Our unity, our responsibility" - Jelili

Says our unity is what has been keeping us as one and making us relevant to the world.

THE Nigerian independence is a unique indicator of our unity. This unity was not achieved through ease rather through hardwork, commitment, and sacrifice. Our fathers work their lives to achieve this unity and independence.

Though so many challenges have been faced; so many obstacles have been encountered, and so many problems experienced. All these situation did a lot in threatening our unity and social integrity, but our resolve to promote a united front has helped in keeping us afloat.

When all tribes, ethnics, religious bodies come together on a focused and purposeful course of ensuring peace and unity, what our forefathers faced back then will be understood. With this, we won't jettisoned our togetherness for any reason as it will be seen as our only means to achieve person development and societal progress.

Our unity is what has been keeping us as one and making us relevant to the world. If the North goes left and the South goes right, we will easily be infiltrated and destroyed. Therefore, to combat all external influences, our unity remains the only way.

Let's take it as a responsibility!

Happy 61st independence to all Alimosho residents. May God grant us a peaceful and progressive Nation.

Hon. Jelili Sulaimon
Executive Chairman
Alimosho Local Government