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Wishes of a come-back of the gone soccer glory of Egbe land

EGBE shares her boundary with Ikotun, Idimu and Ejigbo. The first market in Egbe was situated on Ita-Allhaji . Today, that particular spot is called the Abe -Igi base. Still on this, there used to be a river called Odo pa .

EGBE shares her boundary with Ikotun, Idimu and Ejigbo. The first market in Egbe was situated on Ita-Allhaji. Today, that particular spot is called the Abe -Igi base.  Still on this, there used to be a river called Odo pa. Unfortunately, civilization could not preserve the river. The once Odo Pa is no longer in that particular spot; the river is gone forever.

More still, there were three major schools in Egbe of that period. We had the local government and community primary schools occupying the Egbe market spot of today.  There was also the unity primary school at Hostel Bus Stop and the evergreen Muslim college at Ile Iwe.

During those years, the game of soccer brought life to the Egbe community. The entertainment was filled with ecstasy, and the memories remain fresh in the mind. However, that glory in the area of sport in Egbe is long gone with time. Then one must ask: where has the soccer glory of Egbe land gone? 

In those days, we had soccer greats; Zico, Green, Akin, Muda, Beloumi, Sule, Dele just to mention a few. Akin was a famous goalkeeper. During that period, he reminded one of the great Peter Rufai. He was tall, well-built, and agile. The broad expanse of his shoulders allows him to have a better coverage  in goal.  

Green was a rock on the defence line. In those days strikers never found it easy to elude Green. He was powerful in the air and he had the ability to coordinate his defence line.  

Also, Zico was an excellent schemer. His mesmerizing runs down the flanks and dribbles often dismantled the opposition's defence.

Dele was a dashing winger. His left leg is packed with cannons. 

The great Muda was a revelation at that time. He had all the abilities in the field of play. He could dribble, initiate an attack, inspire his mates on the field of play,  he could shoot, could nod the ball, and he is an excellent schemer. 

Beloumi was a different type of footballer. He was intelligent and often released a defence-splitting pass.  

Sule, now in diaspora is a beauty to behold on the field of play. He had the balance, giving him the ability to outwit any defender at will. His ball control was excellent and he made good use of both legs during play. 

But,  these memories had since gone with time. The soccer pitches such as Maracana, Saint Francis soccer pitch, Unity School soccer pitch at Hostel Bus Stop, Light Chapel soccer pitch at Agodo are since long gone. 

Retrospectively, the evergreen Jaberlin was the principal promoter of soccer in Egbe. He discovered a lot of talents and consecutively organized competitions, and on a number of occasions, led the Egbe football team to victory.

One could rightly say that Jaberlin was the pillar of soccer in Egbe land at that time. Going by his acts, one is left to wonder how he managed to coordinate the games at that period. Being an Ibo man, he could have had various challenges  making it difficult to achieve the means. This explains more about his charisma, human management skills, intelligence, and coordination; but, the enthusiasm was gone with time. How I wish he could rekindle the fire. 

Clearly, the promotion of sport often strengthens the bonds of a community. It promotes joy, happiness, relieves stress and sometimes increases the lifespan. The unifying factor of sports may never be compromised. 

This explains why there is a need for the age-grade competitions to return. By this,  talents will be discovered and the people could also have a good feel of the entertainment.  

Without a doubt, there is a need to revamp sports in Egbe. Organizers and promoters could approach a number of sponsors for the competitions.  This will evidently re-awaken the soccer spirit amidst a endless euphoria.