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Outrage as officials fumigate health centre with patients, babies inside in Egbe-Idimu (VIDEO)

A resident said he arrived at the facility with his sister and her baby for immunisation when the officials barged in and started fumigating without prior notice.
Egbe-Idimu LCDA Secretariat

THE Lagos State Government has been accused of negligence after some of its workers fumigated a clinic with patients, mothers, and babies present.

A Twitter user publicised the incident which supposedly occurred on Friday, March 17, 2023, at the Primary Health Centre, within the Egbe-Idimu LCDA Secretariat. 

Busayo Otebata said he arrived at the facility with his sister and her baby for immunization when the government staff barged in.

The citizen, who recorded the scene, narrated how they began fumigating the whole area without prior notice to patients and other visitors.

“They started chasing all the mothers out of the building and were still claiming right that they told everyone to leave the space,” he said.

Otebata said despite complaints, the men kept on working without considering the health of the toddlers inside the building.

The complainant disclosed he was roughly handled while trying to make a video but was not injured during the scuffle.

“They also threatened to lock me up for making videos of what they were doing. My chest is also paining me 'cause I might have inhaled their nonsense chemical,” he said.

Respondents are condemning the unruly behaviour, calling on the authorities to punish the persons who put patients and babies in harm’s way with reckless abandon.

Watch the video here.