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The foundation of individual and national development is foregrounded on sustainable, modern and effective learning environment. At Honeyland College, we initiate a conducive atmosphere for stimulating learning and academics per excellence. Our academic community builds dynamic, intelligent and all-round, but highly socialized youths that are the best in all endeavours of life and strata of a nation's economy thereby producing effective, respected and productive citizens for nations.

Honeyland College provides the best educational experiences in a caring and nurturing environment. We also believe in motivating students to become independent and self-reliant while we discover and develop individual talents to become future leaders.

Our mission is to:

  • To produce students who can think for themselves, respect the dignity of labour and appreciate good values of life.
  • To inspire the children with a desire for achievement and self-improvement, both at school and in later life.
  • To impact both mental and physical skills and abilities necessary to live and contribute to the development of the environment and society at large.

To achieve these, our curriculum is designed to instill in the children the quest for the unrelenting pursuit of excellence, stimulates and enhances the children thinking faculty, and cater for the differences in potential talents and abilities.