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DIY: How to make organic African black soap

Organic Black Soap

ORGANIC black soap is gaining popularity worldwide and is revered by many Africans because it has proven to help achieve clear and glowing skin. It has many other benefits which include skin nourishment, fades discolouration, deep cleansing action, improves skin tone, reduces inflammation and skin irritation.

Organic black soap can be used daily but it may need to be incorporated into a routine slowly. Another fact about organic soap is that it is a traditional soap, hand-made using natural ingredients derived from West Africa. It is most popular among Nigerians and Ghanaians. If you are out there and want your skin glowing, you might need to follow the steps below. Our “shea butter” recipe will moisture and help your skin looking radiant.

What do you need?

Distilled water 

Shea butter 

shea butter1

cocoa pods/factory made black soap 

cocoa pods

Essential oils/ Olive oil



How to?

  • Turn cocoa pods to ashes by grinding until smooth 
  • Heat up distilled water for two minutes, add a bowl of the ash powder and gently dissolve it 
  • Melt shea butter and ensure it does not overheat
  •  In a medium-sized pot, mix the ash powder with the liquefied shea butter, stir gently, place the pot on a burner and allow to heat
  • Add essential oil, olive oil or dried herbs which are perfect exfoliates 
  • You will notice a soapy film around the surface, stir carefully and pour out the mix in a jar.
  • Leave the jar in a cool dry place for three days and you may start to use your homemade organic black soap after.