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DIY: Five Effective Ways to Burn Your Belly Fat

JUNK food contains so many calories that are unhealthy for our bodies.
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JUNK food contains so many calories that are unhealthy for our bodies. Surprisingly, they are mouth-watering and difficult to do away with. So we all end up consuming a lot of it, gain a lot of unhealthy calories that contribute to excessive fat which may over time lead to obesity, heart disease, stroke and sometimes even cancer.

Belly fat is not only an embarrassment to many but is an issue that people shy away from. But it in the long run it affects one’s physical health and fitness and increases the risk of various ailments. Below, you will find a list of five effective home remedies that can help burn that belly fat.

Research has shown that chewing one or more cloves of raw garlic in the morning can help you burn belly fat. So make it a habit and chew a clove of garlic every day. Plus, they are healthy for your body.

Lemon Water Therapy 
Adding lemon to warm water is one of the best and most effective ways of burning belly fat. Add a few drops of lemon in warm water or dice the lemon in the warm water, allow it to settle for a few minutes and gulp. In case you cannot find lemon, you may use lime.

Green/Organic Tea
Sip a cup of green tea, ginger tea, cinnamon tea or any flavoured tea with natural spice. 

Hot pepper
Adding chilies, black pepper, bell pepper and bonnet pepper to your dishes can help increase your metabolism. Pepper contains capsaicin which helps burn calories even faster.

Yes, you read that correctly. Water is not only good for dehydration but also does a lot of magic in burning belly fat. So take more glasses of water daily; a minimum of eight glasses is recommended.

Extra Tip: Exercising regularly helps burn belly fat. Try jogging, walking, reverse crunch, bicycling, as all these types of exercises aid in burning belly fat.