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VIDEO: Man discovers wife has two genitals on wedding night, seeks help

He says that due to his religious background and beliefs, they both decided to avoid being intimate all through their 3 years of courting.
Intimate couple
Intimate couple

A man who simply identified himself as Kwabena has come out in shock, pain and disappointment after discovering, on his wedding night, that his wife has two reproductive organs.

Kwabena made this confession on a live TV Programme - Confession on TV3 Ghana.

So as to protect his identity, his face was not shown. But narrating was transpired in the room after the wedding party, Kwabena said;

"She started giving me excuses, saying she wasn't ready. I pushed myself on her, and as I was about to penetrate, I felt something hard. I discovered that my wife has a penis."

When probed further by the show host, Kwabena admitted, to the bewilderment of members of the audience present, that his wife has both a penis and a vagina.

A Google search shows that this condition is known as Hermaphroditism.

It is a condition in which there is a discrepancy between the external and internal sexual and genital organs. Put simply, it is the condition of having both male and female reproduction organs. 

Though this condition is very rare, it is said to be caused by the excessive exposure of the female fetus to make hormones in the womb. 

Watch the video as posted by TV3 Ghana