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Documents destroyed as fire, again, engulfs National assembly store

The wing affected in the inferno houses lawmakers’ offices, committee rooms, banks and other private concerns.
Documents destroyed as fire again engulfs National assembly store

SEVERAL documents and office equipment were destroyed after fire engulfed the second floor, room 227, in the new wing of the House of Representatives, on Thursday, August 11, 2022. 

According to media reports, the incident occurred at about 6 pm on Thursday, when passers-by who noticed smoke coming out from a store on the second floor of the New Building, House of Reps Wing of the Complex, raised the alarm. The wing houses lawmakers’ offices, committee rooms, banks, and other private concerns.

Fire-fighters from the Federal Fire Service, which has a permanent office on the premises, as well as security operatives rushed to the office, and later succeeded in putting out the fire.

In a statement issued on Thursday night, Agada Emmanuel, Director of Information, National Assembly, said the fire was suspected to have been caused by an electrical fault, adding that the fire was immediately contained and did not extend beyond the affected office.

Burnt documents
Burnt documents

“There was a fire incident this evening on the 2nd floor, Room 227, in the new wing of the House of Representatives, suspected to have resulted from an electrical fault which was noticed by one of the staff to the clerk, House of Representatives, who promptly alerted the Federal Fire Service Unit stationed in the national assembly complex.

“Accordingly, the fire has been put out with the assistance of staff on duty who immediately broke into the affected office and effectively deployed stationed fire extinguishers on the floor before the arrival of the fire service officer.

“Consequently, the combined prompt efforts curtailed the fire to the affected office only, and power supply to the wing put off to enable a full assessment and investigations into the incident.

“It is expected that after due assessment by the fire service and the estate and works directorates, normalcy in the new wings housing all principal officers of the house of representatives and honourable members offices will be restored immediately,” the statement reads.

This is not the first time the national assembly building will be affected by a fire outbreak.