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YULETIDE AWOOF: Sisi Alimosho announces Lagos free BRT scheme for New Year celebration.

Toyin Peppeyo, aka Sisi Alimosho, announces the Lagos free BRT scheme for resident of Lagos.
Sisi Alimosho

TO usher in the new year in a couple of days, Toyin Peppeyo, aka Sisi Alimosho, has announced the free Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) scheme organised by the Lagos State Government for residents of Lagos.

The free transport scheme, scheduled to run across Lagos on January 1, 2022, is a way of ushering in the new year, and appreciating the residents of Lagos by the government.

Meanwhile, Sisi Alimosho has plans to go on a tour of Lagos on New Year's day courtesy of the free bus scheme.

Would you love to meet Sisi Alimosho? Watch Sisi Alimosho as she discusses her tour routes around Lagos.

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