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WOMEN EMPOWERMENT: Sisi Alimosho commends Sanwo-Olu, World Bank women appeal project scheme.

"Thank you for your dedication to women and youth development."- Sisi Alimosho
Sisi Alimosho

TOYIN Peppeyo, aka Sisi Alimosho, commends Mr. Sanwo-Olu, the Governor of Lagos State, for collaborating with the World Bank to empower some women and youth in the state with seed capital for their agricultural businesses.

Over 1000 women and youth were empowered with over 3 Billion Naira seed capital to aid their agricultural businesses.

Meanwhile, watch Sisi Alimosho as she pleads with Gov. Sanwo-Olu to help her empower two of her chicken with one cup of rice.

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