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Teenage bad romance with 'Yahoo Yahoo' in Nigeria

Young people are attracted to a crime that costs our country a whole lot from a moral standpoint.

NIGERIA has been identified with cyber crime for the better part of the last ten or twenty years. For some reason, Nigerians have found the trend of stealing through illegal internet activities very attractive and lucrative. Cyber crime refers to criminal activities carried out by the means of internet or a computer. In the 21st century, cyber crime –or 'Yahoo Yahoo'– has taken a strong hold on the lives of the youth and teenagers especially in Nigeria.

The average Nigerian youth now wants to live a life of luxury without working hard for it. They want to ride big cars and build big mansions without any legitimate job.

Yahoo has led many of our youth to their early grave during their search for more power to boost their illegal work.

Cyber crime has now made money ritual a normal practice in Nigeria which is not a very funny situation though. Some even go the extra mile to use their own loved ones, such as their mother, for ritual purposes so as to have some money.

Now, these young miscreants do not have rest of mind because of EFCC operations. Hot spots for cyber crime abound in Ogun state and some other states. OpMesa and EFCC are doing a great job in apprehending these criminals.

The final destination for many of these young criminals is prison. One of such examples is their idol, Hushpuppi. Where is he now? In a high level US prison. Many of our youth involved in this illegal activity might as well end their lives behind bars too. Ultimately, it pays no one to be a criminal.