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ALIMOSHO THRIVING BUSINESSES: Mavitos Cakes and Foods is making Alimosho crave for more

Mavitos' boss, Opeoluwa, is a sweetheart who is sold to her passion of baking delicious cakes that are not a no, no, but a yes, yes!

MAVITOS CAKES AND FOODS is a thriving sweet spot in Alimosho. Mavitos is run by the passionate Mrs Opeoluwa Titilayo Adeyemi who believes that Alimosho has a right to the finest cakes, ice cream, snacks, and food just like anywhere else.

Opeoluwa also believes that only the best hands should be in the food business and that's why she has equipped numerous people with the skills needed to create awesome cakes and food from her stable in Alimosho.

It is the belief at Mavitos Cakes and Foods that businesses located within Alimosho are blessed with the sheer population of Alimosho and the loyalty of its residents when it comes to quality services.

Unlike other business owners who believe in setting up shop in highbrow areas just for the profit, Mrs Adeyemi is investing her time and passion in Alimosho. She proudly looks forward to the future of her business in Alimosho, and she has a lot of faith in her business' host community.  

Marvitos bakes premium cakes and snacks every day of the week and will make deliveries if called upon to.

You can visit Mavitos at 43 Shasha road, Akowonjo Lagos, to enjoy food and snacks that will definitely leave you craving for more. 

Watch Mrs Adeyemi as she talks about her passion and business, at the heart of Alimosho: