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Minors repair community road without adult participation

FIVE boys living in a community called 10-10, situated in Agbado-Okeodo area of Alimosho, took it upon themselves to repair the major road in their community early in the morning today without any adult participation. 

The boys, seeing the urgency to repair the road in their street before its unbearable condition worsens, gathered themselves to fix it in the early hours of the day before the community adults could gather to stop them or get involved.

The boys, led by Eniola and David, are between the age of 13 and 17 years. 

David, who spoke for all, said during a chat with AlimoshoToday, "Our street is at the end of the community. When the rain falls, the flood always damage the road with big potholes".

"The landlords just constructed drinages so to let the flood pass. So we decided to fill up the potholes and make the road good for everyone to use. We did it on our own without anyone telling us to go and repair it",  he added.

The landlords of the community have lauded the boys effort