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''Banking shouldn't be this crazy", says angry Alimosho-based customer

ANGRY customers at one of the high rated Nigerian banks situated in Kola, Agbado-Oke-odo area of Alimosho today expressed their bitterness today over the unfair treatment meted to customers when they go to their banks these days.

The angry customers who were at the bank to do their transactions were left in the sun for hours without care. Among them was a woman with a newborn baby.

Happy to be approached by AlimoshoToday, some of the customers at the bank saw it as an opportunity to speak their minds.

Alhaja Rodiat told AlimoshoToday she has been standing in the sun for hours just waiting for an opportunity to withdraw her money. "Iwa ika le leyi o. Ko da (This is wickedness. It's not good)", she said with bitterness.

Wale, a student, was quick to hammer-in the nail. He said "Banking should not be this crazy. How can a bank where I keep my money keep me standing in the sun just because I have come to get money I have with them. Who is doing who a favour for banking with the other? Can't they just at least put a shed here outside or get a bigger office, or employ more people to do the job? It's crazy, honestly, very crazy." 

"The situation is a common trend these days, even before Covid-19 came", another customer, one Mr. Adenekan added. "These banks are businesses. They should consider improving their customer service", Mr. Adenekan said with a tight fist.